When I was in grade school I saw my first black and white photo developed in my neighbor's darkroom, it was a picture of his house and it was magic. Fast forward to junior high school where I worked in the school darkroom and in high school I was lead photographer for the yearbook. College was interrupted by a stint in the Navy where I had the opportunity to travel to Japan and buy my first high end cameras. When I returned to college I majored in Radio, Television and Film with an emphasis in photography. I went on to receive my MA in Public Visual Communications from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and from there made my way to Minneapolis where I've worked as a commercial photographer for over 30 years. I bring, not only my life long love and passion for photography to each shoot, but also project management skills, concern for budgets, support staff and I work well as part of a creative team collaborating to find the right solution for our client. I shoot food, agriculture and industrial all with the same love and passion. Photography has been a part of me since childhood and it's been my full time occupation for all of my adult life. My dad once said to me "you see differently" and I do. It's still magic to me.